SmartUpload is work in progress, using an Agile approach we are constantly adding more features. Below you find our product roadmap, which may change over time based on the needs of end-users.

Please use the contact form if you have any suggestions.

BETA version

The current version is still in Beta, meaning it has some limitations:

  • 'Time' and 'DateTime' fields don't have timezone support yet, data may be unreliable.

  • Only Sandbox orgs are available at the moment for usage. Use the contact form if you wish to use SmartUpload for your production Org.

  • Input file limitations:

    • File-size: 1 Mb

    • Maximum amount of rows: 10.000

    • Maximum amount of cells: 100.000

    • Maximum amount of API calls per job: 100 (This is calculated by the amount of rows divided by the batchsize)

Roadmap V1.0

The following features are on the roadmap for development for the first Final release:

  • Configurable 'update' behavior when more than 1 record is found for updating (fail / update all / update first)

  • Download a template Excel file for a mapping

  • Download Excel files for jobs that were having validation errors: with highlighted cells & comments to indicate on a very granular level which cells & rows failed.

  • Download Excel files containing the imported/updated rows and any errors that might have occurred

  • Upgrade of input file limits to a maximum of 100.000 rows.

Roadmap V2.0

After the 1.0 release, the following features will be considered:

  • Support for huge Excel files using background-processing, with e-mail notifications when background jobs have finished.

  • Graphical mapping-editor, moving away from the JSON format

  • Related-lookups, to allow you to specify values instead of IDs in your excel, where SmartUpload will populate the field with the corresponding record

  • Multi-sheet imports, to allow you to upload a workbook that imports a complex data structure with parent-child relationships

  • Integration with SFTP, Onedrive and Dropbox for automated processing of data

If you are missing features or have suggestions for the roadmap, please use the contact form to reach out.