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Documentation for admins:

  1. Creating a Mapping

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Documentation for users:

  1. Importing Excel data

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SmartUpload is actively being developed, below you can find our latest release notes and roadmap.


Version 1.0 - 6 june 2020

The first public release of SmartUpload, which has the following features:

  • Processing Excel files (XLS & XLSX) up to 1.000 rows

    • Including background-processing of the upload job

  • Separation of responsibilities:

    • Salesforce Admins can define the mapping from Excel to Salesforce objects

    • Salesforce Users can upload Excel files using these pre-defined mappings

  • Data validation on Excel files:

    • Configurable data validation on 'Text' fields (using Regular Expressions)

    • Data validation on 'Date' fields

  • Downloading results

    • Download Excel files for jobs that were having validation errors: with highlighted cells & comments to indicate on a very granular level which cells & rows failed.

    • Download Excel files containing the imported/updated rows and any errors that might have occurred


You may always use our contact form if you have any suggestions.

Version 1.1 - planned july 2020

  • Introduction of subscriptions for advanced features.

  • Configurable 'update' behavior when more than 1 record is found for updating (fail / update all / update first)

  • Allow admins to assign mappings to individual users

  • Download a template Excel file for a mapping

  • Automated e-mail notifications of job completion, including the output in Excel format.

  • Upgrade of input file limits to a maximum of 100.000 rows.

Version 1.2 - planned august 2020

  • Related-lookups, to allow you to specify values instead of IDs in your excel, where SmartUpload will populate the field with the corresponding record

  • Multi-sheet imports, to allow you to upload a workbook that imports a complex data structure with parent-child relationships

Version 1.3 - planned september 2020

  • Integration with SFTP, Onedrive and Dropbox for automated processing of data

If you are missing features or have suggestions for the roadmap, please use the contact form to reach out.