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    Mappings - Lookups

    Dynamic lookups are one of the most powerful features of SmartUpload, because they allow you to import data into 'Lookup Relationship' fields, without having to specify ids.


    Say that you have a customer object type 'Country__c', where you have a field 'Code__c' that identifies a country by it's 2-character ISO country code (for instance 'US' or 'NL'). On your Account object you have a field 'Country__c' that is a lookup relationship to this Country object.

    Now say we have an excel with 2 fields, that we want to import into Salesforce:

    • Account Name

    • Country

    Traditionally when doing an upload using other tools, you would first need to manually get the ID's of the different values for 'Country' from your excel file, but SmartUpload can do this automatically.

    In the background, using this configuration, SmartUpload will retrieve the ID for a Country record using the following query:

    SELECT Id from Country__c WHERE Country_Code__c = 'NL'

    This means you don't have to lookup ID's yourself: you let SmartUpload do the heavy lifting.

    You can make this as advanced as you like, as long as the generated SOQL query is valid. This means you can also traverse object relations.