Salesforce Dataloader comparison

The following table shows a quick comparison of SmartUpload against other popular dataloading tools for Salesforce. Note that for we have included the 'pro' version that costs $99 per user per month. The free version of has lower limits, the enterprise version ($299 per user per month) has unlimited rows.

SmartUploadDataloader (Apex) ($99)Data Import Wizard
XLS & XLSX support
Usable for non-adminslimited
Number of records per monthunlimitedunlimited100.000unlimited
Number of records per job100.0005.000.000100.00050.000
Prepare reusable mappingslimited
Assign mappings to users
Admin can define batch size
Automated lookups
Additional data validation support
Data Upsert using any field as key

There are two features of that we have marked as limited for the following reasons:

  • While non-admins can technically use, the user experience for business end-users is far from optimal as it is a very technical tool. does not support different roles (Admin / End-user) like SmartUpload does.

  • While does allow for the re-use of tasks. However, the user experience is not as smooth as with SmartUpload.